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Host a Fundraiser

Shoes With Heart is Chosen to FEATURE in the San Diego Family Magazine- Look for us in the Upcoming Issues!!!
Start Raising Funds for Your Organization Today!

Shoes With Heart offers Shoe Drives to any organization that needs to
Raise Funds at No Cost in the San Diego County. We also we serve other areas of California such as Central California, Sacramento and parts of Arizona and Nevada.  Schedule a Shoe Drive with us, and we will send out a truck to weigh and collect the shoes and pay your organization by the pound!  

Hosting a Shoe Drive on average can Raise $1,000s in weeks! This is a quick, easy and effective way of raising funds for your favorite school, charity or other organization!  Encouraging others to empty out their closets and garages of shoes, clothing and other items will help them to unclutter their homes, while creating valuable resources to developing nations in need as a low cost alternative to new shoes.  Not only will you raise funds at no cost, you will also contribute to helping the environment by lessening the amount of textile waste that is dumped into our landfills each year!

4 Easy Steps to Raising $1,000s in Weeks at NO COST TO YOU:
1.  Contact Shoes With Heart and schedule a Shoe Drive. Ask
     about our Bin Program as well to generate recurring annual income!       
2.  Start collecting shoes (Must be in Pairs- NO SINGLE SHOES ALLOWED)!
3.  We will send out a truck to weigh and pick up the recycled shoes.
4.  Payment is mailed.

Shoes With Heart understands that many organizations are in vital need of funding: churches, charities, schools, businesses, athletic teams, boy scouts...and more!  We are here to help!

Who Can Host Shoe Drive Fundraisers?

* Churches
* School Athletic Teams
* Sports Teams
* Girl/ Boy Scouts of America
* Charities
* Businesses
* Any and ALL Organizations!!!
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